jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2014

A Fun Day Making Gingerbread!

Making Gingerbread!

So, our friend Eve from the Blog "The Full Teaspoon Club" came to visit us at home and we got the chance of making Gingerbread with an experienced backer. We had so much fun making the gingerbread and decorating it, and the recipe we got from Eve to make orange flavored gingerbread was delicious. 

We also got to learn some tricks to make the most out of our gingerbread like making a hole when they are still warm to make little Christmas decorations afterwards. 

Andy was with us too and she made us laugh a lot with her stories and jokes about little chickens.  

We also learned how to make our own decoration tools from baking paper so you don't have to spend tons of money in decoration stuff. This was a great experience for us. The third thing we learned was to make the icing for the decoration using Lemon or Lime; I have always used water or milk but using Lemon makes the icing sugar taste very good.  

So make sure to visit Eves Blog to get more tips like this ones and to find out the wonderful and delicious food she makes all the time. 

Here is the video:

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