martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

Hello Pikku Tani!


Her name is Pikku Tani and she has come to help us explore this land that holds thousands of secrets and places to explore. She is here to explain life in Finland and to let you know fun and interesting facts about this wonderful country. 

She is a curious girl, always asking questions and always wondering places that others may not want to visit so easily. She loves the adventure and the unexpected.For her the best trips are those that are not planned and instead just happen spontaneously and on the go. 

She can be silly and childish but she likes to express her feelings and views about the world no matter the circumstances. She likes to sing and talk but in Finland people appreciates the silence.
"Silence is Gold". 

Pikku Tani loves the nature and likes to walk and explore Finnish forest. She likes Sauna and swimming on the lake. Her Favorite food is Porkkanalaatikko, riisipiirakka and hernekeitto while her favorite sweet food is Pulla (Sweet Bun). 

She loves to be friend with Finnish people all the time, although sometimes she don't understand some things about them she likes to be with them to learn all about their culture. 

Hello Pikku Tani! 

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